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DIY hangers refer to a series of things you can do to make clothes hangers at home. Some people use old shirts, belts, or ties as Hangers. You can also purchase wire from the hardware store, and use clothespins to attach the wire into a hanger shape.

How to make hangers

1. Purchase thin wire at the hardware store and make a “U” shape.

2. Wrap another, thinner piece of wire around the outside where you want the shoulders to be and twist the ends together, forming the neck area.

3. Attach two clothespins to the bottom of your hanger shape with pliers or wire cutters.

4. Fill each clothespin with either a shirt collar or tie material, depending on which hanger you are trying to make, and place them on your hanger shape.

5. Once you’ve filled both clothespins with shirt material, take a separate piece of wire and twist the two side pieces together in the back, then twist the top piece to attach it to the bottom. It should resemble an “X” shape at this point.

6. Cut off any excess wire from around your hanger shape, leaving about an inch or two behind your neck area on each side.

7. Attach the two side pieces, then twist the top piece.

8. To attach the hanger to your shirt or dress, put your hand inside the open neck and twist it down in front of you until it meets with the rest of your shirt.

9. Take shirt material and wrap it around one side of the wire, then fold over the top of the wire so it’s hidden from view.

10. Attach shirt material to the top of the wire and wrap it around another side, forming a hook.

11. Use the hook to hang your shirt directly in front of you.

12. Do the same thing with your other shirts, then place a few hangers together and put them in your closet or on a hanger to display them!

To make hangers for your clothes, you need to prepare wire. Then you can connect the two ends into a neck. Last but not least, you can add clothes to the hook of this hanger. These hooks can be attached to your shirt or dress with the help of a hook.

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