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If you’re planning a trip, what do you pack? Chances are, you’ve considered your destination, accommodations, and activities, but did you consider what to bring with you? Do you have everything you need to enjoy your time away? Read on to learn about the essential travel items you need to pack before you leave on vacation.

1. Shoes for Every Occasion.

Whether you’re headed to a wedding, to work a convention, or sightseeing, you need shoes for every occasion. You want to be comfortable, but also look stylish and put together. A pair of wedges should always make it into your suitcase; they offer comfort and allow you to dress up or down an outfit. If you’re going on a beach vacation, you don’t want to miss out on the sand and water because you packed your dress shoes instead of flip-flops. Make sure that every time of day is covered with the right shoe before packing up and heading out the door!

2. A Scarf or Two.

You may think that a scarf or two is an afterthought; however, it can make or break an outfit. A scarf can make a simple outfit look dressy, while also adding warmth in the cooler months of the year. There are many different patterns, colors and styles to choose from, and you can even purchase them pre-knotted in-store for some added convenience. Plus, you’re probably going to want to ensure that your hair is tied up for at least part of the trip.

3. Comfortable Underwear and Leggings.

What are you going to wear underneath your clothes? What if you have an accident and need a change of clothes? You can never be too prepared. Pack a couple pairs of leggings and underwear for every day of your trip. Be sure that these items are comfortable, but don’t fall out of place easily.

4. A Small Umbrella.

You may think that you can avoid rain by planning your trip to avoid the rainy season; however, this is not always possible. Even if it isn’t raining while you are on vacation, there is a chance that it could rain when you return home after the trip. Take an umbrella with you to ensure that you have some rain protection ready. You can’t control the weather, but at least you can protect yourself.

Get out there and travel! A little bit of planning beforehand will help ensure that you have a great experience while you’re away. Remember, even if you pack it all and bring everything you need, there is always room for one or two unexpected items.

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